Connected to binance Block Chain!

FT Token has been deployed on Binance blockchain using BEP20 protocol. It is specially designed for gaming and metaverse.


About ICO

Why to choose FT Token ?

FT Token is one of the most transformative technologies since the invention of the Internet. FT Token stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that FT Token provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network..

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Benefits of Using Our Solution

FTT stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that FTT provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network.

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Staking Program

FTT is strating his staking program. FTT has limited stock for staking. Good rich is giving higher return on staking. visit to business plan to know more about staking..

Cloud Based

Affiliate Commission

FTT has particular affiliate program for all events. FTT gives multi level benefit for community builders and 40 token for platform joiners. To know mode details please visit our opportunity page.

No transaction fees

Peer-to-Peer Transaction

FTT facilitate you peer to peer transaction. All transaction made through Binance blockchain with decentralization algorithm You can send and recive FTT using any Binance supported wallet.

Instant operations

Instant Transaction

FTT is deployed on Binance blockchain and token is fully decentralized and autometed, there are no any human interference so, every transaction is instant like mejor cryptocoin

Brief About FTT

Here We you have all details about FTT token from name to technical specification .

  • Token Name:


  • Ticker Name:


  • Blockchain:

    Binance Block Chain

  • Standard:


  • Total Token Supply:


Distribution of Tokens

The Roadmap

Onward and upward, productize the deliverables and focus on the bottom line drop-dead date translating our vision of having a market leading platfrom drop-dead date.

Frequently Asked Questions

FTT Token - FT Token is a decentralized crypto currancy which is deployed on Binance blockchain.
It samovolnoy a software algorithm performing the function of a distribution of the affiliate commissions between community members and the observance of certain conditions (the marketing plan).
Binance (BNB) is one of the leading cryptocurrency established in 2017. The blockchain of the cryptocurrency allows you to create on the basis of smart contract. A huge number of large crypto companies uses this currency.
It is a system in which there are no admins, there is no single server or system monitoring, project management. The creators of the platform are the same project participants like you.
Enough to have nearly any device with access to the Internet, smartphone, tablet, laptop or simply computer. Installed on the device and recharged Binancewallet. For communication with partners and support project recommend to install Telegram.
You need to fill your full name, country,email id, mobile number in registration form and you must need a valid referral code to join with us.
To register you will need only any web browser like google chrome, firfox,opera etc. First go to then submit your details and you will be registed as particient in FT token.
No. Our program is designed like affiliate program so you must need a referral code to join with us.